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Luminary Studios

Galaxy Studios Private Limited (India) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Galaxy Studios, Inc.

Galaxy Studios is an entertainment company with services in the nature of Production, Post-Production, Editing, VFX, Color Grading, Quality Control, Recording Studio, Distribution, Publishing, and Marketing in the field of Film/Videos and Music.

Galaxy Studios Private Limited is based in Gujarat and Maharashtra with its registered office in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Media Service:

  • Encoding / Transcoding
  • Ingest tape-based formats HD/SD Transcode to client specifications
  • Edit
  • Avid Symphony Nitris Linear (HD/SD)
  • Telecine
  • Film (print) to Standard Definition tape
  • Duplication
  • HD/SD formatsCadence correction
  • Conversions
  • StandardsUp/Down/Cross
  • Forensic Watermarking
  • HD/SD tape DVDFiles
  • Electronic Delivery
  • Aspera DigiSmart Jog

Audio Services:

Audio Services specializes in conforming, mixing, editing and restoration of film and television programming for the Home Theatre Environment.  Our team of talented mixers provides the highest quality in mixing and mastering audio for SD and HD formats including DVD and Blu-Ray.

Soundtrack Mixing

International Dialog Dubbing (Theatrical & TV)Director's Cut & Extended Cut Dubbing Upmixing & Downmixing Near-field Mixing Music Replacement Commentary, Narrative VO & Audio Descriptive Soundtracks.

  • Blu-Ray Disc & DVD Audio Soundtrack Mastering ​
  • Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Master Audio bitstream encoding Audio Transfer (Analog, Digital, HD and Standard Definition formats)Rate Converting, Editing, Conforming, Restoring & Mixing
  • Audio Restoration
  • Sonic Restoration of degraded audio media
  • Audio Laybacks
  • HD and Standard Definition formats
  • Soundtrack Creation
  • Project Sound Supervision Dialog, Music and Sound Effects Editorial Sound Design
  • Audio Suites
  • 5 Mix Suites / 1 Audio Suite Digidesign Pro Tools HD systems including ICON D-Control work surfaces 7.1 Genelec Monitoring Trinnov monitor matrix allowing instant switching of theatrical and home entertainment room tuning curves.

Luminary VFX: state-of-the-art visual effects and digital production studio dedicated to the art and artistry of visual effects and dynamic creature and character animation.

VFX Service:

  • Concept Design
  • Previsualization
  • Look development
  • On-set supervision
  • Asset acquisition
  • Natural phenomena
  • Environments
  • Character Animation
  • FX animation
  • Matte painting
  • Compositing
  • Rig removal
  • Motion graphics
  • Set extension
  • Crowd replication
  • Beauty work
  • Cinematics

​​Color Grading & Color Correction: Color correction is the balancing of your film from shot to shot — even if you shot with multiple cameras, on multiple days and in multiple scenarios, correction ensures that everything feels like one continuous piece. Color grading is more of the art or overall feel and style of your video. We help you reach it’s potential by using color to create an emotional feel of your film.

  • High quality color correction and color grading services
  • Industry standard tools used to grade major motion pictures.

Motion Graphics & Animation:

  • ​High quality video motion graphics and animations
  • Industry standard tools include After Effects, Nuke, Camera Tracker, Cinema 4D, Element 3D and more.
  • ​Basic to highly advanced services available.

Licensing: Film Clip, Still, & Music Licensing provides advertisers, publishers and entertainment productions licensed access to a vast library of clips, stills, one-sheets, dialogue and other thematic elements inherent to Galaxy Studios' feature films.
​Contact us at for licensing queries.

Event Promoter: Galaxy Studios soon be entering into event promoter field.

Subtitling & captioning:

Multi-Language subtitling & closed captioning services for a range of content.

1. Caption Import: Ability to import your existing captions or translated subtitles to convert to other formats or use interactive transcripts.

2. Caption / Subtitle Editor: Although rarely necessary, you can make changes to your captions or translated subtitles on the fly after they have been processed.

Video Quality Control:

Video/Audio Quality Control  is a complete inspection of each tape or quicktime file from head to tail, to insure it meets all technical specifications for distributors, networks, or clients; All QC's come with a completed 100% Quality Control report which lists all Video and Audio specs measured by waveform monitors, vector scopes, and audio scopes, it also provides a detailed list by timecode location of any and all problems which are rated on a scale for severity. The QC report concludes with an overall evaluation of Pass, Hold, or Fail. If a tape is put on Hold, or Failed, notes will be included on how to fix the problems that caused the rejection.

Our Quality Control Services Include.
All Formats (HDCAM SR, HDCAM, D5, Digi-Beta)Hi-Def (1080i, 23.98 psf, 1080p, 720p,)Standard Def (NTSC, PAL)File Based QC on Quicktime, Final Cut Pro, Avid Blu-Ray / DVD QC1 Day Turnaround Free Courier Service (within L.A.)Completed 100% Quality Control Reports Dirt Lists (for DRS QC)Work Done at L.A. Post or We come to you Masters, Clones, or Dubs of Feature Films Episodic Television Quality Control Lowest Prices in L.A22 Years QC ExperienceQuality Control Consulting.