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Galaxy Pictures

About Galaxy Pictures

Galaxy Studios started Distribution Channels, Licensing, Content Delivery, and Release and Marketing service on November 10, 2017.

Distribution Channels

Through our distribution channels we're able to reach the global entertainment market. We distribute films in nearly all formats and territories, however our key strengths remain North American DVD release, worldwide Video On Demand (VOD), and foreign sales.

What We Do ?

Licensing & Acquisition

Our acquisitions team scouts film festivals, the horror press, and other sources, as well as fielding a large amount of submissions to find and license the most marketable films.

Delivery & Ingestion

Once the ink has dried filmmakers send in all their assets which are inspected to make sure they meet the technical quality standards of today's mostly digital marketplace.

Scheduling & Packaging

In the packaging stage our team develops the overall image and marketing plan. Artwork is everything in this market, so we work with some of the best graphic design firms in the industry.

Release & Marketing

We do our best to time all our marketing efforts to land around each film's release date. Our team has a keen sense of what drives sales best in each area from sell-through to rental to VOD.